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Monday, January 30, 2012

Download your PSP games onto your PS Vita with UMD Passport


There have been some rumours going around that PSP owners will be able to import their current collection of games to their PlayStation Vita. This has now been confirmed true as Sony announced the UMD Passportprogram. The process, however, will not be free.

The steps in downloading your PSP games isn’t very tedious either. They are as follows (courtesy of Andriasang):

  • Download a UMD Registration Application from PlayStation Store to your PSP
  • Boot up the UMD Registration Application from your PSP’s XMB menu and insert the UMD game you want to register into the system.
  • Follow the prompts to register your UMD disc with your PSN account
  • You can then download the downloadable version of your game at discount price

Even though you have already purchased your games, a payment will still be required for UMD Passport. Prices for typical games will range between ¥500 ($6.50 US) to ¥1500 ($19.40 US). There is a game that will cost ¥2400 ($31 US) to import. This is however, is the most expensive among the others.

At the moment, UMD Passport has 200 PSP titles from 40 companies on board, some of which include Capcom, Falcom, Konami, Sega and Square Enix. Sony have a partial list of compatible games which can be checked out here.

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