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Friday, April 6, 2012

Kermit might hold the key to Vita Hardware

Kermit, either a protocol or perhaps a funny name is a communication interface for the PSP emu. Specifically it allows the PSP to talk to the host (Vita).

Now, I can tell there aren’t as many developers here, so I’ll try to simplify for the curious minds but this stuff is pretty complicated. I’ll only explain the API in detail as the lower level still need a little bit of clearing up, but here goes.

Ok, Kermit is here so that the emu can communicate to the host to share resources and other vitality. Perhaps the primary reason is that of hardware; the PSP emu is excluded from many hardware devices. So kermit sets in and allows the system to talk to the vita in order to use the hardware. Blabbering aside, this is the hardware that kermit seems to be responsible for:

Memory stick
Flash filesystem
Power Control
… more

Kermit could be the only entry point to the actual Vita hardware